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LERNFORUM Chur is just a hop, skip, or a jump from the trainstation.

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Whether you want to learn English for travels, need it for work or your studies or simply for your social life, we can help. Have a look at what we offer. If you can't find what you need, you can always ask us.

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Through formal accreditation, students and professionals gain recognition and qualifications that can open doors academically and help improve employment prospects. Learn more about the options applicable to you.

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The decision to study English is only one step in the process. Meet the highly trained and qualified, native English speakers that will get you one step closer to fluency through engaging lessons, both in and out of textbooks.

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Welcome to English at LERNFORUM Chur.  Lernforum is mainly engaged in teaching English and training in smaller, personal groups for every English language need. All of us are native speakers of English and have a passion for what we do.

Word of the Month


(adj, noun): false untrue; counterfeit, not authentic.

To fake: to forge or counterfeit

Ex: I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. I thought it was fake news.

Ex: Fake in the news. In the media, on the internet, and especially in the White House, fake news is real.

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