Monday, August 7, 2017

James Jean Art & Design Talk

Before watching this talk, read the mechanical transcript in pairs.

Note what it means to the right of the sentence:

I think my emotional state is separate from the diligence

I put into to make my work because part of being an artist is

thats its your practice should be- I think

to daily go to the studio

just work at it and and or something kinda

I'm mechanical and unemotional about

a process for you still can help to be

to be human so you know your body's just


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Word of the Month


(adj, noun): false untrue; counterfeit, not authentic.

To fake: to forge or counterfeit

Ex: I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. I thought it was fake news.

Ex: Fake in the news. In the media, on the internet, and especially in the White House, fake news is real.

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